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Quthero is committed to disrupting the ways we treat wounds today – from passive ‘dressing’ of wounds to active, rapid, healthy wound management. 

We have developed novel, effective and safe treatments for all types of wounds including wounds from cosmetic procedures, surgical wounds, burns, and chronic ulcers to effectively manage wounds and reduce complications and risks associated with slow healing (infection, pain, amputation and mortality).

Quthero’s patented platform technology enables full epithelial restoration, helping to close wounds quickly and with minimal scarring. Our novel wound management gel treats wounds in a potent, paradigm-shifting way with only a single application. This has been demonstrated in multiple pre-clinical animal models and human skin, where Quthero-treated wounds healed with minimal scarring and 60-200% faster than the wounds treated with currently marketed products.

Quthero’s platform technology effectively manages wounds in tissues other than skin as validated in heart, bone, blood vessels and stem cells and also in reduced inflammation response as substantiated in 10 scientific, peer-reviewed publications.

Our Team

Milica Radisic, PhD



Scientific Founder

Chair of the Board

Professor, University of Toronto

Canada Research Chair

Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada 

Fellow AIMBE, MIT TR35

Co-Founder, TARA Biosystems

Susan Bruggemann, MBA



COO, Xylyx Bio, Inc.

Director Financial Planning and Analysis, Brightstar, Inc.

Director Finance, Kraft Foods, Inc.

Serena Mandla, MASc



 CSO, Scientist, Product Manager

Research Scientist 

IBBME, University of Toronto


David Elmaleh, PhD



Co-founder, Board Director and Business Advisor

Assoc. Prof. Harvard Medical School, Dir. CMC Mass. General Hospital,

CEO and Founder, AZTherapies,

Founder Molecular Insight, Mersana, PureTech Health.

Our Scientific Advisors

Jeff Karp, PhD


Professor, Harvard Medical School

Co-founder: Skintifique, Gecko Biomedical, Alivio Therapeutics,

Frequency Therapeutics

Dennis Orgill, MD, PhD


Medical Director, Brigham and Women's Hospital Wound Care Center 

Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Principal Investigator, Wound Healing & Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Leonard Miller, MD


Founder,  Boston Center for Facial Rejuvenation

Clinical Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Staff Surgeon, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital

Jeff Biernaskie, PhD


 Professor, University of Calgary

Calgary Firefighters Burn Treatment Society Chair in Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing

Our Business Advisors

Henry Kay, MS, MBA


Strategic Marketing Consultant, Business Advisor and Angel Investor

40 years' experience in the medical industry in roles including R&D, International Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, and Strategic Planning for major pharmaceutical companies, including Schering-Plough, American Home Products, Sterling Drug and Allergan.

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