Minimize scarring*

We have developed novel, effective and safe treatments for all types of wounds including wounds from cosmetic procedures, surgical wounds, burns, and chronic ulcers to effectively manage wounds and reduce complications and risks associated with slow healing.  *as demonstrated in preclinical studies 

Quthero's Technology


Quthero’s patented platform technology enables full epithelial restoration, helping to close wounds quickly and with minimal scarring. Our novel wound management gel treats wounds in a potent, paradigm-shifting way with only a single application. This has been demonstrated in multiple pre-clinical animal models and human skin, where Quthero-treated wounds healed with minimal scarring and 60-200% faster than the wounds treated with currently marketed products.


Quthero’s platform technology effectively manages wounds in tissues other than skin as validated in heart, bone and blood vessels. It has beneficial effects on stem cells and reduction of inflammation, as substantiated in 10 scientific, peer-reviewed publications.